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PUBLIC NOTICE DISPOSITION OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS BY GENERAL LEASES FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS ON OAHU, MOLOKAI, AND HAWAII ISLAND The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (“DHHL”) is soliciting proposals from renewable energy producers who are interested in negotiating an agreement or agreements to use available lands on Oahu, Molokai, and Hawaii Island to develop and operate qualifying renewable energy projects pursuant to HRS Section 171-95.3, as amended. DHHL will consider qualifying renewable energy projects, including, but not limited to those modeled as Community-Based Renewable Energy projects, on a portion or portions of the available lands identified and noted below: ISLAND TAX MAP KEY NO. ACRES LOCATION NOTES Oahu 8-9-007:002 (portion) 448 Nanakuli Portion of parcel subject to negotiation Molokai 5-2-001:004 (portion) 462 Hoolehua Up to 20 acres Hawaii 6-1-006:003 (portion) 20 Kawaihae Up to the entire 20 acres Hawaii 7-3-010:007 (portion) 100 Kalaoa Up to 100 acres in the southern half of the 200-acre parcel Applicants who are interested in participating in this opportunity must submit a complete application to DHHL by 2:00 pm HST on Friday, October 16, 2020 to be considered. Applications must be addressed to and received by Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Land Management Division, Attention: 2020 Renewable Energy Projects, at 91-5420 Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707 by the deadline above. A complete application must contain the information below and any other information or materials identified in the Information Packet (available at the link below): Description of the project Timeline for the completion of the project Description of how the project will be financed Description of the business concept of the project Description of the landscape and acreage requirements, including lands that would be accessible to the public and lands that would not be accessible to the public; and Any other qualifications that DHHL requests through posted amendments to the Information Packet. Chapter 343, HRS, Environmental Assessment: Applicants selected to proceed through the leasing process shall be required to complete compliance with Chapter 343, HRS, as amended, prior to the start of any general lease for a site. Such compliance shall assess the impacts that the proposed development will have on the surrounding community and environment. Qualifying applicants are also expected to complete DHHL’s beneficiary consultation and other public hearing processes, any terms and conditions the parties may negotiate, and the general processes, procedures, or requirements otherwise described in the Information Packet (as amended or supplemented). The Information Packet is available at https://dhhl.hawaii.gov/procurement, under the “Solicitations” heading. The Information Packet includes an application, general property information, DHHL’s objectives and criteria for the desired project, a preliminary outline of the leasing process, schedule, and other DHHL requirements. For additional information contact Allen G. Yanos, Property Development Agent, in the Land Management Division, at (808) 620-9460 or via email at allen.g.yanos@hawaii.gov no later than Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 2:00 pm HST. Information is located on DHHL’s procurement webpage for ease of reference only. The potential dispositions of Hawaiian home lands set forth herein are not governed by Chapter 103D, HRS. DHHL reserves the right to rescind this notice and to cancel or modify this solicitation in its sole discretion. Dated: Honolulu, Hawaii, August 31, 2020. State of Hawaii DEPARTMENT OF HAWAIIAN HOME LANDS By William J. Aila, Jr., Chairman Hawaiian Homes Commission (SA, TGI, HTH, WHT – 1293702 8/31/20)