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PUBLIC NOTICE COUNTY OF HAWAI’I-PLANNING DEPARTMENT CONSOLIDATIONS&SUBDIVISIONS Accepted October 16-31, 2020 In accordance with Section 23-58B of the Subdivision Code, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been submitted. *Applicant **Subdivider 1. **Brian Paul Peterson&Suzanne Yasuyo (CON-20-000437) on 16,693 sf, into 1 lot, size 16,693 sf, at Keekee-Kehena, TMK:1-5-052:068 &069. 2. **DT 3, LLC&Sara Jan Thomas (SUB-20-001989) on 2.396 ac, into 2 lots, sizes 1.390 ac&1.006 ac, at Onouli 1st, TMK: 8-1-029:046. 3. **Duane&Gloria Yamada (SUB-20-001990) on 22,903 sf, into 2 lots, sizes 10,191 sf&12,712 sf, at Kaao Homesteads, TMK:4-5-017:003&004. 4. **Deidre Beth Grady (SUB-20-001991) on 38.931 ac, into 2 lot, sizes 29.971 ac&8.960 ac, at Olaa, TMK: 1-8-005:125&179. 5. **HELCO, Leila Beals/Surety Kohala Corp., William M. Shontel III (SUB-20-001992) on 200.214 ac, into 2 lots, sizes 1.437 ac&198.807 ac, at Hawi, TMK: 5-5-002:023&5-5-015:033. 6. **Wailani Development LLC (SUB-20-001993) on 164.890 ac, into 2 lots, sizes 6.177 ac&158.713 ac, at Ponahawai 1st&2nd, TMK: 2-3-044:019&2-3-049:053. 7. **Kimhan, Miles P., Trust&Suzette N., Trust (SUB-20-001994) on 22.855 ac, into 3 lots, sizes 7.514 ac, 8.227 ac,&7.113 ac, at Waiakea, TMK: 2-4-006:018. Maps/documents are on file&open for inspection during office hours 7:45am-4:30pm at the HI County Planning Dept, 101 Pauahi St, Ste 3, Hilo or 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy, Bldg E, 2nd Floor, Kailua-Kona. By: MICHAEL YEE, Planning Director HI County is an Equal Opportunity Provider&Employer (HTH/WHT1305674 11/30/20)