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Notice #: 0001343220-01
Public Auctions

Notice of Public Lien Sale: Pursuant to the lien granted by Hawaii Revised Statutes sections 507.61 to 507.72. My Self Storage Space Kailua will sell at public auction on Oct 2,2021 @ 9:00am personal property belonging to the following tenants to the highest bidder. Name Amount Owed 1. Smith, Jeri $2828.41 2. Kapopolu-beter, Jessica $3895.25 3. Laiso, Bill $2007.14 4. Thorton, James $1528.99 5. Castro, Mario $1308.97 6. Santos, Alexander $1055.01 7. Molcilio, Liberty $1185.91 8. Asher, Daniel $1081.70 9. Keloa-Asperilla, Jayme-Lee $706.31 Description of property includes: Household goods, tools, personal items, clothing, electronics, duffle bags/suit cases, miscellaneous boxes, containers&bags with unknown contents. The sale shall be held at My Self Storage Space Kailua, 73-5591 Maiau St. Kailua-Kona, HI. 327-1700, commencing at approximately 9:00 AM. Only cash payment will be accepted. A $50 or $100 CASH deposit for removal and cleanup is required. Seller reserves the right to withdraw property from sale at any time. All sales are subject to prior cancellation. Sale rules and regulations are available at the time of sale in the facility office. (WHT1343220 9/24, 10/1/21)