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PUBLIC NOTICE Area R Munitions Response Site Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) in the Waikoloa Maneuver Area South Kohala District, Island of Hawaii The Army Corps of Engineers Begins First Five-Year Review The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has begun the first five-year review (FYR) of an environmental remedy undertaken at the Area R Munitions Response Site in the Waikoloa Maneuver Area South Kohala District, Island of Hawaii. The 379.6-acre site is located outside of Waimea Town, around the Waimea Airport. The site was used by the U.S. Military during World War II as a training area. The environmental remedy removed and disposed of surface and subsurface munitions and explosives of concern. An explosive safety educational awareness program has been implemented. The FYR will be conducted to determine whether the site remedy remains protective of human health and the environment and functions as intended based upon the decision document. The FYR will also assess factors to determine if the remedy will be protective in the future. If you have any concerns about the site please contact Richard Tanaka, Project Manager or Honolulu District Environmental Public Affairs Coordinator, Edwyna Brooks. The report is scheduled for completion by October 2022. When completed, a copy of the report will be available at the information repositories below Information Repositories: Contact Information: Thelma Parker Memorial Public (808) 887-6067 and School Library Hours: Tues. 9AM to 4PM 67-1209 Mamalahoa Highway Wed.12PM to 7PM Kamuela, HI 96743 Thur. 9AM to 4PM Fri. 11AM to 4PM Sat. 9AM to 4PM Honolulu District Public Affairs Building 230, Room 104 Fort Shafter, HI 96858-5440 Contact: Edwyna Brooks Contact: Richard H. Tanaka Edwyna.W. Brooks@usace.army.mil Richard.H.Tanaka@usace.army.mil (808) 835-4096 808-561-6135 (WHT1359085 2/7, 2/8/22)