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Public Hearings

For Public Hearing on 05/10/2022. COUNTY OF KAUAI PLANNING COMMISSION 4444 Rice Street, Suite A473, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, 96766, tel: (808) 241-4050, email: planningdepartment@kauai.gov. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of an agency hearing with a public hearing and an opportunity for public testimony from all interested persons to be held by the Kaua’i Planning Commission pursuant to the provisions of Special Management Area Rules, Kauai County Code, Chapter 8, as amended, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Chapter 92 and 91, and the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the County of Kauai Planning Commission. The hearing will be held regarding the following: SPECIAL MANAGEMENT AREA USE PERMIT (SMA(U)-2022-6), CLASS IV ZONING PERMIT (Z-IV-2022-10) and VARIANCE PERMIT (V-2022-2) to allow installation of a stealth telecommunication structure and associated equipment on a parcel situated on the makai side of Aleka Loop in Wailua, approximately 400 feet east of the Kuhio Highway/Aleka Loop intersection, further identified as 650 Aleka Loop, Tax Map Key: (4) 4-3-007:028 and containing a total area of 10.377 acres. SPECIAL MANAGEMENT AREA USE PERMIT (SMA(U)-2022-3) to accommodate streambank stabilization repair work involving a parcel along the Hanalei River, along the makai side of Kuhio Highway in Hanalei Town, further identified as 5-5016 Kuhio Highway, Tax Map Key: 5-5-010:067, containing a total area of 2.32 acres. Meeting Lihu’e Civic Center, Moikeha Building, Meeting Room 2A-2B, Location: 4444 Rice Street, Lihu’e, Kaua’i, Hawai’i Interactive The public may attend the meeting via Zoom using the “Zoom link” Conference and telephone using the “join by phone” telephone number that Technology: will be provided on the agenda for the meeting. The Agenda for the meeting will be posted in accordance with HRS 92. Webcast Meeting: https://www.kauai.gov/Webcast-Meetings Date: May 10, 2022 Time: 9:00 a.m. or shortly thereafter Pursuant to Hawai’i Revised Statutes Section 92-3.7, which codified Act 220, SLH 2021, the meetings of the County of Kaua’i Planning Commission will be conducted as follows: The meeting location that will be open to the public with audiovisual connection is: o Lihu’e Civic Center, Moikeha Building o Meeting Room 2A-2B o 4444 Rice Street, Lihu’e, Kaua’i, Hawai’i In addition to attendance in-person, the public may also attend the meeting by phone using the “join by phone” telephone number provided on the agenda. The public may also attend the meeting through Zoom. If attending the meeting via Zoom, it shall be the responsibility of the attendee to join the meeting through the Zoom link provided via E-mail. In addition, it shall be the responsibility of the testifier to ensure that the Zoom software is downloaded and operational prior to the meeting. Once you sign-in for the meeting, you will receive the meeting link. o You may use a unique identifier (i.e., an alias name and alias email address) instead of your real name to maintain anonymity. Please note that the unique Zoom meeting link will be sent by Zoom to the Email that was entered at sign-in. Also, the meeting will be live streamed and available as an archived meeting after completion at www.kauai.gov/Webcast-Meetings. Please note that the livestream broadcast does not allow interaction between the viewer and Planning Commission. Also, video production services or enhancements of the recorded video will not be available. Written testimony may be submitted on any agenda item and submitted to planningdepartment@kauai.gov or mailed to the Kauai County Planning Department 4444 Rice Street., Ste A473, Lihue, Hawaii 96766. Written testimony received by the Planning Department at least 24 hours prior to the meeting will be distributed to all Planning Commissioners prior to the meeting. Any testimony received after this time and up to the start of the meeting will be summarized by the Clerk of the Commission during the meeting and added to the record thereafter. Oral testimony will be taken during the public hearing portion of the meeting in-person at the public meeting location, via Zoom link, or using the “join by phone” number listed on the agenda. o All testifier audio and video will be disabled until it is your turn to testify. o Per the Planning Commission’s and Chairs practice, there is three- minute time limit per testifier, per agenda item. o If there are temporary technical glitches during your turn to testify, we may have to move on to the next person due to time constraints; we appreciate your understanding. If any major and insurmountable technical difficulties are encountered during the meetings, the Planning Commission will continue all matters and reconvene at the next scheduled Planning Commission Meeting. Petitions for intervenor status must be submitted to the Commission and the applicant at least seven days prior to the date of the hearing advertised herein and shall be in conformance with Chapter 4 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Planning Commission. A copy of the proposal will be emailed to any interested person who requests a copy. Please submit your request to the Planning Department. KAUAI PLANNING COMMISSION, Helen Cox, Chairperson, By Kaaina S. Hull, Clerk of the Commission. NOTE: IF YOU NEED AN AUXILIARY AID/SERVICE, OTHER ACCOMMODATION DUE TO A DISABILITY, OR AN INTERPRETER FOR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING PERSONS, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE OF BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS AT (808) 241-4917 OR ASEGRETI@KAUAI.GOV AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. REQUESTS MADE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE WILL ALLOW ADEQUATE TIME TO FULFILL YOUR REQUEST. UPON REQUEST, THIS NOTICE IS AVAILABLE IN ALTERNATE FORMATS SUCH AS LARGE PRINT, BRAILLE, OR ELECTRONIC COPY. (WHT1366839 4/8/22)