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Notice #: 0001393293-01
Public Notices

Submitted October 1-15, 2022

In accordance with Section 23-58B of the Subdivision Code, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been submitted.

*Applicant **Subdivider

**County of Hawai’i-OHCD (PL-SUB-2022-000100) on 239.497 acs., into 22 lots and 3 roads, sizes 6.58ac, 4.382ac, 5.497ac, 5.626ac, 5.419 ac, 14.808ac, 9.523ac, 7.077ac, 12.128ac, 10.443ac, 19.335ac, 22.830ac, 19.153ac, 7.271ac, 11.063ac, 7.302ac, 27.852ac, 16.752ac, 2.567ac, 4.615ac, 4.863ac, 1.028ac, roads 1.771ac, 9.814ac, 1.790ac, N. Kohala, TMK’s: 6-8-041:001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010, 011.
**Parker Ranch Foundation Trust (PL-SUB-2022-000101) ON 9.3630 acs., into 2 lots and 1 road, sizes 6.713ac, 2.561ac, road .269ac, S. Kohala, TMK: 6-5-006:005.
**William Alan Hurt (PL-SUB-2022-000102) on 11.792acs., into 2 lots, sizes 1.93ac, 9.854ac, S. Hilo, TMK’s: 2-7-008:105 & 131.
**MP Financial Group Ltd./Waikoloa Plaza LLC (PL-SUB-2022-000103) on 18.045acs., into 3 lots, sizes 15.282acs, 1.215acs, 1.548 acs, S. Kohala, TMK: 6-8-003:015.
**Brennon Joseph-Hatori (PL-SUB-2022-000104) on
1.1476acs., into 3 lots, sizes 16,742sf, 16,941sf, 16,302sf, S. Kona, TMK’s: 8-1-025:025, 026 & 027.
**Franciscus Sijestermans (PL-SUB-2022-000105) on 10.534acs., into 2 lots, sizes 5.533acs, 5.001acs, N. Kona, TMK’s: 7-5-016:004, 053.
Maps/documents are on file & open for inspection during office hours 7:45am-4:30pm at the HI County Planning Dept, 101 Pauahi St, Ste 3, Hilo or 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy, Bldg E, 2nd Floor, Kailua-Kona.
By: ZENDO KERN, Planning Director

HI County is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer

(HTH/WHT1393293 11/15/22)