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THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE JUDICIAL BRANCH NH CIRCUIT COURT 6th Circuit – Family Division – Franklin Telephone: 1-855-212-1234 7 Hancock Terrace TTY/TDD Relay: (800) 735-2964 Franklin NH 03235 https://www.courts.nh.gov CITATION FOR SERVICE BY PUBLICATION-ABUSE/NEGLECT OF CHILD(REN) TO: PATRICK WINTHROP 77-6604 WALUA RD KAILUA-KONA, HI 96740 formerly of and now parts unknown Case Number: 637-2024-JV-00016-21 Preliminary Hearing A petition has been filed, pursuant to RSA 169-C, alleging your child(ren) has(have) been abused/neglected. You are hereby cited to appear at Court, as set forth below, to address the pending petition. If you are named in the petition as the parent alleged to have abused/neglect your child(ren), you are a petitioned parent. If you are not named in the petition as alleged to have abused/neglected your child, you are a non-petitioned parent. Date: March 27, 2024 7 Hancock Terrace Time: 2:30 PM Franklin NH 03235 Time Allotted: 30 Minutes CAUTION TO RESPONDENT It is very Important that you personally appear in this Court on the date, time and place provided in this notice. If you fail to personally appear, you will be defaulted and will waive your right to object to any findings made by the Court and orders issued, including but not limited to those made and issued as follows: At a Preliminary Hearing, the Court will determine whether there is reasonable cause to find your child(ren) is(are) abused/neglected; At a Notification of Rights and Consequences hearing for a non-petitioned parent, the Court will inform the parent about the impact of a finding of abuse/neglect on their parental rights; At an Adjudicatory Hearing, the Court will determine whether there is sufficient evidence of abuse/neglect of your child(ren) and if so, will make a finding and schedule a dispositional hearing; and At a Dispositional Hearing, the Court will issue a final order of abuse/neglect and issue orders for the conditions of abuse/neglect that must be corrected by parents. Further, by failing to appear you will not be able to provide the Court with your current address, and thus the Court will have no ability to notify you of subsequent RSA 169-C hearings. Case Number: 637-2024-JV-00019 CITATION FOR PUBLICATION-ABUSE/NEGLECT OF CHILDREN IMPORTANT RIGHTS OF PARENTS WHETHER YOU ARE A PETITIONED OR NON-PETITIONED PARENT, IF THE COURT DETERMINES, OR HAS DETERMINED, THERE IS EVIDENCE YOUR CHILD(REN) IS(ARE) ABUSED/NEGLECTED, THE COURT’S ORDERS WILL AFFECT YOU AND YOUR CHILD(REN) AND MAY AFFECT YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS, INCLUDING THE POSSlBILITY THAT YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS MAY BE TERMINATED. THE POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES TO YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS MAY BE REVIEWED BY CLICKING ON THE COURT FORM, “Acknowledgement of Possible Consequences to Parental Rights in Abuse&Neglect Cases” (NHJB-2209-F) at www.courts.nh.gov/our-courts/circuit-court/family-division/forms/juvenile-abuseĀ­ and-neglect. Once you appear, you have the right to oppose the proceedings and to present evidence. Pursuant to RSA 169-C:10, ll(a), a petitioned parent has the right to an attorney, and if such parent cannot afford an attorney, an attorney will be appointed by the Court. The Court has the discretion to appoint an attorney for a non-petitioned parent who is a household member, if such parent cannot afford an attorney. In either of these circumstances, please contact the court to obtain a financial affidavit if you wish to request court-appointed counsel. The Court has no statutory authority to appoint an attorney for a non-petitioned parent who is not a household member, however such parent may hire their own attorney. Additional information may be obtained from the Family Division Court identified in the heading of this Citation. If you will need an interpreter or other accommodations for this hearing, please contact the Court immediately. Please be advised (and/or advise clients, witnesses, and others) that it is a Class B felony to carry a firearm or other deadly weapon as defined in RSA 625:11 V in a courtroom or area used by a court. February 23, 2024 BY ORDER OF THE COURT Lisa M. Lamper, Clerk of Court (WHT1447511 3/8, 3/15/24)