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Notice #: 0001453132-01

Bill No. 142

I hereby certify that the following Bill passed first reading at the meeting of the Hawai’i County Council on April 17, 2024, by vote as listed below:

Bill 142: Adopts a Pay Plan for Persons Employed by the County Other than Those Whose Pay is Otherwise Provided for, Designating Payroll Periods, Pay Days, Prescribing Requirements with Respect to Official Fidelity Bonds, and Repealing Ordinance No. 23-46 and All Amendments Thereto, Said Ordinance to be Known as the Salary Ordinance of 2024. Establishes rates of compensation for appointed employees in the Legislative Branch and the Office of Housing and Community Development, the County Physician, Student Helpers, and Senior Community Services Aids for various County agencies, and incorporates updates to minimum wage positions. Ayes: Council Members Evans, Galimba, Kagiwada, Kaneali’i-Kleinfelder, Villegas, and Chair Kimball – 6; Noes: None; Absent: Council Members Inaba, Kierkiewicz, and Lee Loy – 3; Excused: None.

Jon Henricks

Hawai’i County is an Equal Opportunity Provider
and Employer

(WHT1453132 4/26/24)