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Jan 28(1.) THIRD CIRCUIT NOTICE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS 3CLP-22-0000004 THE ESTATE OF JUDITH DOROTHEA ROOS, also known as Judith D. Roos, also known as Judith Roos, DECEASED. The above-named decedent died on February 20, 2020, and an Application by RACHELLE STROLE was filed, whose address is c/o JENNIFER S. HEIMGARTNER, Attorney at Law, P.O. Box 4482, Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96745, praying for informal probate and issuance of Letters to said RACHELLE STROLE, who was appointed to be Personal Representative and Letters issued to her on January 7, 2022. If any interested person has objection to the informal probate, the person may (...) (End Date: Feb 11) (p1)
Jan 24(2.) AMENDED THIRD CIRCUIT COURT NOTICE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS 3CLP-21-0000439 THE ESTATE OF THOMAS EUGENE SHOCKLEY, aka THOMAS E. SHOCKLEY, aka THOMAS SHOCKLEY, aka TOM EUGENE SHOCKLEY, aka TOM E. SHOCKLEY, aka TOM SHOCKLEY, DECEASED FILED, a document purporting to be the Last Will and Testament and First Codicil to the Last Will and Testament of the above-named decedent who died on September 1, 2021, together with an Application praying for informal probate thereof and issuance of Letters Testamentary to AKIKO MORI HACKETT, whose address is c/o Payesko Law Firm LLLC, Post Office Box 1554, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745. If any (...) (End Date: Feb 7) (p1)